March 2020

Over in New Zealand George kicked off our month by completing his first  ironman 70.3, what a great achievement and example of if you go for it you’ll absolutely achieve what you want to.

Andrew placed 35th in the Riverside 20 trail run 15th March organised by the Clapham Chasers – completing his 20 miles in 20hr 20mins!

“Awesome 20 mile out and back race along the Thames. Stuck with the 7min/mile pacer group, dropped off at 17 miles but caught them with 100m to go”

Well done Andrew!

Social distancing became the norm in March and as a club we quite quickly made the decision to no longer meet on Tuesdays or Thursdays (or any other day) to run together – we continue to share our sessions each week as its important to stay connected even when training moves into a solo activity.

With solo sessions becoming a little more normal its allowed us to run at different times of day and appreciate some wonderful sunrises and sunsets outside of our working hours, for those who are out of London some of the views are a wonderful change from our usual paths.

With the London Marathon off Rob didn’t let that deter him from achieving Spring Marathon goals, by completing a solo 26.2 in Battersea Park!  And without support from cheering crowds and no matched pace from other runners he also got a PB!!!

What an incredible time for starters but also running those same laps that many times, with no enthusiastic crowd to carry you, we applaud you!


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