Parkrun tourism – any takers?

There’s a notion of doing some parkrun tourism as Saturday sessions (in place of the usual every third Saturday at Brockwell Park). There are 20+ Parkruns within striking distance of Clapham.  In principle a schedule would be drawn up of, say, two Parkruns every month, subject to viable logistics and member enthusiasm a car or cars would leave Clapham Common in time to get to the target Parkrun. Note, this will mean an 8ish start and will get earlier as the parks get further away. Any takers?

Marathons and London Marathon ballot 2016 (Advance Notice)

As a club we will have one guaranteed entry for a club runner – it’s names out of a hat in December. A reminder that to be eligible you must:

  • Be an active, paid-up member for over six months at the time of the ballot
  • Have a rejection letter from the VMLM 2016 public ballot (NEW for this year)

The public ballot entry system for the 2016 London marathon opens on Monday 4th May (time tbc) – last year it closed after < 12 hours, so keep an eye out on the VMLM website for further announcements. In the meantime… less than one month to go for our marathon runners!

  • Paris (12th April) – Lucia, Gilly
  • Brighton (12th April) – Susan, Ellie
  • Manchester (19th April) – Damian (D2)
  • London (26th April) – Fi (club place), Angela, Emma B, Imogen, Siobhan, Phil

There was talk at training last night of the Edinburgh Marathon (31st May) and the Islay Marathon (Sept 20th)