Clapham Runners

Small, friendly and fun running club based in Clapham/ Battersea with members of all ages, abilities and experience


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Members can dip in and out of the sessions on offer – it is up to you. Thursdays tend to have the best turnout (around 15 members), and there are around 6-8 Tuesday ‘regulars’ and 3-4 on a Saturday. We’re always pleased to welcome new members or runners wanting to try us out. There is usually a mix of abilities in the group. A bit of friendly competition always helps to push you to improvement!

Tuesday Sessions – 7.30pm on Clapham Common (intervals)

Interval session on Clapham Common 7.30pm at Long Pond at the junction of Rookery Road and Clapham Common Southside. Changes weekly to maximise training benefits and links with Thursday sessions as well as members’ up-coming events and races. Total mileage usually around 4-5 miles. Recent sessions have been:

  • (800m then 1 mile) x 3 – each set getting faster and with 2 mins of recovery between each
  • 2 miles, then 3 x 1 mile all with 2 mins recoveries between each
  • 1 mile, then (800m, 600m, 400m) x 2, and 1 mile to finish. 2 mins recoveries between each
  • 800m x 2 with 2 mins recovery between, 2mins recovery, then 2 miles, 2 mins recovery, 800 x 2 with 90 secs between

Thursday Sessions – 7.30pm at Battersea track (coached – speed, strength and endurance)

Coached session with Jon Munroe at Battersea Millennium Arena track 7.30-9.00pm followed by a strength and conditioning circuit. Rigorous but fun training session best as your introduction to the running club. Jon Munroe is a qualified trainer and former Commonwealth Games long jumper and medallist with three Masters gold medals to his name. Sessions tend to focus on repeated 1-400m distances with timed rests inbetween.

Saturday session (parkrun)

There are free parkruns all over London – our members are most often running or volunteering at Tooting, Brockwell Park and Dulwich. See for details

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