We’re always pleased to welcome new members or runners wanting to try us out. There is usually a mix of abilities in the group. A bit of friendly competition always helps to push you to improvement!

Tuesday Sessions – 7.30pm on Clapham Common (intervals)

Location: Long Pond at the junction of Rookery Road and Clapham Common Southside


Involves: Changes weekly to maximise training benefits. Total mileage usually around 4-5 miles. Recent sessions have been:

(800m then 1 mile) x 3 – each set getting faster and with 2 mins of recovery between each

1 mile, then (800m, 600m, 400m) x 2, and 1 mile to finish. 2 mins recoveries between each

Thursday Sessions – 7.30pm at Battersea track (coached – speed, strength and endurance)

Location: Battersea Millennium Arena track


Involves: Coached session with Jon Munroe usually consisting of shorter intervals specifically for speed work. Sessions tend to focus on repeated 1-400m distances with timed rests in-between.  Jon will ensure you are in an ability focused group so your speed and recovery are effective for improvement.

This session is followed by a strength and conditioning circuit.

Rigorous but fun training session led by Jon who is a qualified trainer and former Commonwealth Games long jumper and medallist with three Masters gold medals to his name.

You can also find us on Saturday’s (parkrun)

A number of our members meet on a Saturday at various parkruns across South West London – some for a social run and others to drive towards that 5km PB, generally rewarded by a warm drink and a cake afterwards.

There are free parkruns all over London – our members are most often running or volunteering at Tooting, Brockwell Park and Dulwich. See for registration details and to print your barcode.


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