Try out our sessions

The best way to find out more about Clapham Runners is to come along and try out some of our training sessions. We welcome new joiners all year round and you are under no obligation to sign up or pay anything (except for the fees to access the track on the Tuesday sessions).

We welcome all new runners regardless of ability, however most people can complete 3miles/5km distance when they join.

Below are a few details about locations, times, what to expect from the sessions and some useful things to know. You don’t have to contact us beforehand, but if you have any questions or simply want us to keep an eye out for you please send us an email :

Tuesday Sessions – 8pm at Battersea track (coached – speed, strength and endurance)

Location: Battersea Millennium Arena track


Involves: Coached session with Jon Munroe usually consisting of shorter intervals specifically for speed work. Sessions tend to focus on repeated 1-400m distances with timed rests in-between.  Jon will ensure you are in an ability focused group so your speed and recovery are effective for improvement.

This session is followed by a strength and conditioning circuit.

Rigorous but fun training session led by Jon who is a qualified trainer and former Commonwealth Games long jumper and medallist with three Masters gold medals to his name.

Useful things to know: You’ll need £4.60 to access the track (it is £5 minimum for a card and so it easier to bring cash). There are changing rooms and lockers at the track. The lockers only take old £1 coins, but you can purchase a token for £1 at the reception. You’ll find members of the club waiting beyond the barriers inside the Millennium arena just before 7.30pm

Thursday Sessions – 7.00pm on Clapham Common (intervals)

Location: Long Pond at the junction of Rookery Road and Clapham Common Southside


Involves: Changes weekly to maximise training benefits. Total mileage usually around 4-5 miles. Recent sessions have been:

(800m then 1 mile) x 3 – each set getting faster and with 2 mins of recovery between each

1 mile, then (800m, 600m, 400m) x 2, and 1 mile to finish. 2 mins recoveries between each

Useful things to know: Look out for the group on Rookery Road and a member of the club will welcome you and speak you through what to expect from the session. We do not have changing facilities, however there is a car on hand to store bags (and layers in the colder months). During the darker months we stick to lit paths and throughout the year will always begin recovery with the final finisher.

Currently on hold – Saturday Parkruns
A number of our members meet to run or volunteer at various Parkruns in South West London, including Clapham, Tooting, Brockwell Park and Dulwich.  We have a few members who enjoy the local touristing circuit too, so if you fancy exploring some further afield London parks there are always friendly faces who’ll be there with you. See for registration details and to print your barcode.

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