Marathons and London Marathon ballot 2016 (Advance Notice)

As a club we will have one guaranteed entry for a club runner – it’s names out of a hat in December. A reminder that to be eligible you must:

  • Be an active, paid-up member for over six months at the time of the ballot
  • Have a rejection letter from the VMLM 2016 public ballot (NEW for this year)

The public ballot entry system for the 2016 London marathon opens on Monday 4th May (time tbc) – last year it closed after < 12 hours, so keep an eye out on the VMLM website for further announcements. In the meantime… less than one month to go for our marathon runners!

  • Paris (12th April) – Lucia, Gilly
  • Brighton (12th April) – Susan, Ellie
  • Manchester (19th April) – Damian (D2)
  • London (26th April) – Fi (club place), Angela, Emma B, Imogen, Siobhan, Phil

There was talk at training last night of the Edinburgh Marathon (31st May) and the Islay Marathon (Sept 20th)

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