(Runner blog post) Laura’s Race Report

Hello all. Thanks for coming out to support us today. It was fantastic seeing you all — twice!
I suppose I stuck to my race plan in that I tried to run with the 9 minute mile pacer for at least the first half and then see how it was going. This proved difficult as it was very crowded and I don’t think she actually hit the spilts for that pace until about mile 18. Struggled to dart in and out of people to keep her in sight more well. Having said that the pace felt faster than I expected — which was probably a combination of the heat and my not being that fit, having done my training runs very slowly. Read more

(Runner blog post) Ice ‘bath’ magic

After watching Eddie Izzard’s marathon exploits, I decided to see if all the pain he put himself though after a day’s running was worth it. Yes – I decided to have an ice bath after completing Paris, in fact I had two (one a few hours after and another the following morning). Gosh they were cold, gosh they made 10 minutes feel like an eternity, but I do think they worked! Read more

Paris Update

Well here we are in sunny Paris – a warm day with a cooling breeze – bodes well for tomorrow.

Runners everywhere today – you see them on the metro, in street cafe’s, all over the place!

Just sitting down to watch the Grand National. My money is on “Beat the Boys” – in honour of Krysia, Laurence and Fiona who will be beating myself and David tomorrow!