(Member blog post) Cork City marathon June 4 2012

Seems like an age ago now so I’ll have to see if I can remember all the gory details.

Well when I got to week 7 in Jon`s training plan my body was starting to complain and by week 8 I was starting to break down, my plantar fascia to be precise. So with very little running over the next two weeks and a few visits to the butcher of pimlico (who’s a physio in case you were wondering!) I was hopefully going to make it to the start line. On the evening before the race I was walking round the city with my parents and with my foot feeling slightly sore, I was beginning to question my sanity and wondering if I would make it round the 26 miles the next day! and that if I did I would be retiring from marathon running because my body wasn’t up to this malarky. Read more