Feb 2020

Clapham Runners take on New Zealand to kick February off to a flying start – Steph & George met up (pre social distancing) to complete Cornwall parkrun together, well done guys.

Parkrun attendance continued throughout Feb with Clapham Runners both running and volunteering at their local and new parkruns… looking forward to our 9am Saturday fix returning!

February brought an array of storms Storm Ciara and Dennis did not stop our Tuesday training sessions or Amanda, Marikje & Charli powering through their miles still preparing for spring marathons

And the training continues to pay off for Katy, who has now achieved her 10km PB at the Battersea Park runthrough event… how many PB’s is that now?!?!

Marathon training for Phoebe meant miles in Miami – in slightly different weather conditions to our stormy month here.


Stormy Tuesdays

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