London Marathon 2018

The London marathon is fast approaching.  Here are some details about viewing on the day:

The traditional viewing spot for team CR is near Limehouse.  This has the advantage of seeing runners in both directions, meaning that we get two chances to spot and cheer on everyone.

Our usual initial viewing point is close to the St John’s Ambulance point near mile 14, to see the runners go from the Highway and onto Narrow Street.  At some point we usually cross over, so we can see the runners having just passed through mile 21.

The London marathon website, gives these viewing times for who is coming through when at mile 14:

  • 9:43 Wheelchair Men
  • 9.51 Wheelchair Women
  • 10:17 World Para Athletes
  • 10.29 Elite Women
  • 11:06 Elite Men
  • 12:02 3hrs 30min Pace
  • 12:43 4hrs 30 min Pace
  • 13:42 6hrs Pace

The nearest station is Limehouse, but this can get very crowded (particularly when you’re trying to leave).  Shadwell is a bit further down the Highway.

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