(Runner blog post) Bedford half & upcoming races


Just got back from a chilly run out at Bedford! It was well organised and we ran through some lovely countryside, but jeez there were a few sneaky hills!! I took it slow and steady but hope to up the anti next year when marathon training gets into full swing!

Just a reminder that international entries for Madrid (17 April) close on 31 December 2010 so if you’re keen, make sure you sign up soon!! http://www.maratonmadrid.org/

Also, in the lead up to the marathon season, these races usually sell out early, so get onboard when you can:

Silverstone half 4 Febhttps://www.adidashalfmarathon.com/onlinentry/

Hastings half 20 Marhttp://www.hastings-half.co.uk/

Reading half on 20 Mar already sold out:-(


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