(Runner blog post) Chilly morning; Regents Park 10K

With all the snow at the beginning of the week, I was secretly hoping that the race would be cancelled as I didn’t really fancy skidding around the park. However as the roads/paths were clear I didn’t have a good enough excuse not to run!

Although the snow had melted the morning was still freezing cold, luckily running warms you up and after 5k I was starting to get some feeling back in my hands (even though the rest of my arms were like ice cubes). I really must find some gloves which I can run in.

Despite conditions I thoroughly enjoyed the event, the 3 laps round the park were varied and each km was marked. The runners were spread along the course making it a great place for a p.b. – I broke mine, with a time of 47.30 so I was very pleased. The race also make me feel very virtuous and smug as when I got home just after 11, Martin was only just getting up!

Thanks to Frank who provided the lift and who also recommended the race. The next one in the series is the 2nd Jan (which I may miss as it’s too close to the New Year), however I’ll definitely be up for the one in Feb. For more info click here.

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