(Runner blog post) Sussex Marathon (new for 2011) April 3rd

Just to let you know, if anyone wants to run a Spring UK marathon and didn’t get into London or Brighton, there is a new one to the 2011 calendar. Sussex Marathon (www.sussexmarathon.co.uk)
on Sunday April 3rd.

Also, apologies for my current absence from the club (I do miss it!) but I work on Tuesday and Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings so am on club “sabbatical” again, but will try and contribute in other ways, such as posting things of interest on this site when possible.

In the meantime I am training for a nice short race, the Last Friday of the Month 5K in Hyde Park on December 24th. Depending on how fit I am or am not by then, I may even have a shot at Sussex myself, if I can get a lift down there!

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