parkrun take over

We have always been involved in our local parkruns (Tooting & Clapham) with members having covered (at some point) all volunteers posts, and also hitting our milestone t-shirts for numbers of runs completed, not to forget achieving all the PBS either!

26th October will mark a first time experience for the club as we gather, with friends of Clapham Runners to host Tooting Common parkrun, filling as many volunteer roles as we can

If you want to say hello, come along to run and see us for cake at the cafe afterwards, or if you’d like to take up a volunteer role with the support of our team see the link below and email the parkrun directly where we welcome you to join us!

Ken will be heading up the occasion as RD and we look forward to a smooth event with all runners and volunteers enjoying their Saturday morning outing to Tooting Common.

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