(Member blog post) Janie’s Argus Ride 2012

ARGUS 2012 – after the fact I’m afraid
The 2012 Argus Cycle Race took place on 11 March – despite the slight set back to her health in 2011 Janie rode in 2012 (See below.)
We now have 48 disadvantaged children in 11 schools each with an individual sponsor. The sponsorship pays for the school fees, basic uniform, stationery and outings, thus making the children the “same” as their peers. However, there are always other pressing needs outwith the sponsorship funds, which is why I ride the Argus! These include transport costs for some of the children who are “moved” out of the school area, snacks each school day for those unable to afford them, supplementary uniform apart from the basics etc. If a sponsor feels unable to continue with the financial support, we never withdraw the funding – another reason why we need financial back up.
Please help this enormously rewarding initiative by sponsoring me and my bike!
UK donations either cheque/cash/bank transfer: FJ Caesar CAHOOT sort code: 090640 a/c: 20363780
SA donations either cash or bank transfer: SM Charles STANDARD BANK Ref: Argus Branch: 025609 a/c: 270033068
22 of our sponsored children are at Chapel Street Primary School in District 6. Chapel Street Primary is celebrating its centenary this year. Here are JANIE’S GIRLS – Lebagong, Tshepang, Shanice, Sibulele, Anastazia, Elizabeth, Liyabona, Gemima and Ishrat with medals from my many races and little Mable with my cycling helmet!
Dear everyone
My bike is now resting after its 110km journey round the beautiful Cape Peninsula along with 35,000 friends. Sunday was my fifth Argus Cycle Tour and the second hottest on record with temperatures topping 42 degrees. Thanks to your wonderful support I managed to complete the course in 5 hours and 27 minutes, an hour longer than last year.
To date we have raised over R10,000 with more coming in all the time. These funds will be used to supplement the needs of the 51 children who currently have an individual sponsor and also unsponsored children who apply to us for a genuine “one off” request for financial assistance.
We thank you enormously for your support in giving these needy children an opportunity to better their lives through education which we firmly believe is the path out of poverty. It is a privilege for us, the difference is tangible and the rewards are immense.
Till next year!


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