(Guest post) Injury and training research request

Dear Runners 
I am currently studying for a MSc in Advanced Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation Science, from Teesside University. To fulfill part of my course I am conducting research into “The Relationship Mental Toughness has with Coping with Injury and Rehabilitation Adherence in Runners” the study aims to look at any gender, age group and participation level differences. 

I am looking for runners over 18 years old and any experience level, distance/terrain etc. the runner needs to have sustained an injury, which led them to miss training or competition for at least 3 days. I would be extremely grateful if you could forward this on to any of your members, also if you were able to post the link on your website/any social networking pages (i.e. Facebook). https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/MScDissertationPA 
The survey will take approx. 10-15mins to complete, if you have any further questions about this research or would like to see the results when it is completed, please do not hesitate to contact me on d4071185@tees.ac.uk Thanks in advance for your time, I am extremely grateful for any help you can give me. Pamela Andrews

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