(Runner blog post) Krysia kills Martin at the Green Belter!

I have just regained the use of my fingers – the rest of my body is still to recover from yesterdays “Green Belter“.

4hr10mins of running, biking and kayaking – oh and some “challenges” thrown in for good measure.

Sold to me as practice for the Rat Race in September I perhaps underestimated the adventures ahead of us….

3k run, 8k bike, 11k run, 22k bike (including kayaking) followed by an inflatable obstacle (think “it’s a knockout” or “total wipeout”)

It was my style of running – being back in the muddy forests reminded me of Orienteering. However, the biking was lots of twisting single-track mayhem – not necessarily my cup of tea and not really suited to Krysia’s hybrid bike!

Never-the-less the day of new challenges (wading through waist-high muddy water – 2nd time round carrying the bikes!), finding out how (un)fit I am, getting over jet lag (in Krysia’s case) and getting covered in mud was good fun!

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