(Member blog post) Collecting “Olympic” medals : the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park winter series

Medal.jpgI’ll admit that the major draw for me when I first did the 10km in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park about a year ago was the idea of getting a medal with the word “Olympic” on it.  Granted, the versions that Jess, Mo and Greg have probably don’t also have the words “Park” or “Elizabeth” or “Queen” on them, but let’s not ruin this with small technicalities….  Read more

(Member blog post) London LOOP : Part 1 : There and Back Again.

Since January I have been following the London LOOP. This seemed to be a natural progression from last year’s Capital Ring as it is a bigger circle around London (zone 6 mainly this time rather than zone 3) and is the brainchild of the same people. Actually London LOOP is tautological as the “L” is for London and the “OOP” is for Outer Orbital Path. This repetition works in this case because, as with the Capital Ring, I am covering it in both directions. I am Read more

(Member blog post) The Run in the Dark

OK so compared to the Himalayas, Battersea Park is perhaps not so impressive and, compared to the marathons and ultras that others have been doing, 5km definitely isn’t. However, no-one has written anything on here for absolutely ages and this event was quite good fun.

I spotted the poster for The Run in the Dark on the way to the track last week and it sounded quite interesting and fun. There were both 10km and 5km races, and there were races being run simultaneously in Belfast, Dublin, Cork and Manchester. As the name suggests, the race was after dark and everyone in the race was given a flashy red LED armband. Read more

(Runner blog post) PB in Birmingham Half Marathon

My PB was a modest 32 second improvement on my Brighton Half time in February. It was nonetheless a pb. I think it might improve my runbritain handicap by 0.1 as well. According to the website, to improve it, I needed to improve my half marathon time by about 25 seconds, which I did. I think the actual time I needed to improve by will be dependent on how difficult they consider the Birmingham half to be. I think it was a bit hillier than the other halves I’ve done this year and so hopefully it will be enough.

(Runner blog post) Bristol Half Marathon 2010

I had been led to believe that the weather would be good on Sunday. The five day forecast had said so and also there was all that talk of the “last weekend of summer.” However, when I got up on Sunday, it was distinctly grey. When I actually got to the runners’ area it was properly raining and I wished that I was one of the sensible people who had a binbag. Read more

(Runner blog post) Like Speed, but not.

I tend to pick the bigger races because they usually have a greater range of ability and I am scared of coming last in the smaller races. Lining up at the start at Hyde Park Corner, I realised that even by my strict standards, this race was big. In fact, I suspect that by the time that I reached the start, the elite racers had already finished. Read more

(Runner blog post) Free yoghurt and fun in Shropshire

The Muller 10km in Market Drayton in Shropshire was my first race actually wearing my Clapham Runners shirt. I took both the long sleeved and the short sleeved ones to Shropshire because I was determined to wear our colours in a race and I didn’t know what the weather would be like. It was actually a short sleeved day. This was better news for wouldbe barbequers that it was for me. I haven’t done much training in the sun. Admittedly, since the weather has got a bit better, my training outside of the Thursday sessions has been somewhat patchy. Still, as the race was organised by Muller I’d probably get a free yoghurt at the end and so it wasn’t going to be all bad! Read more