(Member blog post) Machu Picchu Marathon


The traditional Inca Trail runs from km88 to Machu Picchu and is about 18miles long and trekking groups complete the trail in three and a half days. The marathon adds circa 8 miles to the traditional trail in the form of two 6km loops to make up the full distance.

Two key cut-off times are imposed on the race, firstly, to complete the first 6km loop in 1hr and, secondly, to get to the control gate at Machu Picchu national park (approx 36km) by 10hr15 – not getting to the gate by this time would mean camping overnight and completing the race the following day. Read more

(Member blog post) Rodings Rally 2014

The Rodings Rally is an all-night orienteering cum map reading competition that takes place in Epping Forest. The Rally follows a route through the forest along a variety of paths, tracks and trackless scrub, including holly as it turns out. There are ten checkpoints located within the forest with the final checkpoint at High Beach Village Hall with the route covering approximately twelve miles, ‘as the crow flies’! Read more

(Member blog post) Tenzing Hillary Everest Marathon 2013

Words cannot do justice to how ridiculous and fantastic this “race” is! The time is of no interest to any international participant as the local Nepalese will finish hours ahead of us as they are better acclimatised to the conditions; the common goal of the internationals to “just finish before dark and without breaking anything”.
Some would argue that just making the start of the marathon is an achievement in itself, the majority in my group were suffering from either altitude or general sickness as the previous ten day trek had left all of us in less than perfect condition for the main event (no tapering, relaxing or staying well fed prior to this race).
The marathon itself starts at the bottom of the famous Khumbu Ice Fall at Everest Base Camp; at 5634m above sea level not only is there 50% less oxygen in the atmosphere but the first 5k is on the icy moraine of the Khumbu Glacier. As the race started I got caught behind a train of Yaks along the moraine of Base Camp which held me up for 15min until I could find somewhere to pass them (not the usual marathon bottle neck then). Having, eventually, got past the Yaks I soon got into my 4mph stride, anything faster than this had me gasping for air and my legs feeling like they were on fire.

Read more

(Member blog post) ‘Clapham Runners’ does the Alps

Unfortunately I have no epic tales of heroic marathon feats to share with you, just a simple advert for the ‘Clapham Runners’ proving the brand has made it as far as the Matterhorn in Switzerland.
Several mountains were summited before childish enthusiasm got the better of me on a bad weather day which led to a minor scooter accident http://vimeo.com/48230147; if Jon asks, no, I hadn’t been drinking!
My running adventures should recommence in the near future, could you let me know if you know of any short distance (5k or 10k) off road races from October onwards…
Cheers, Rob