(Member blog post) Reporting from Athens for the Athens marathon

So we arrived in Athens at the peak of summer (last June) and I was already down to run the Athens marathon in November. A big worry for me was how I would manage to do my long runs in the middle of the summer. They couldn’t be done at night, as there is nowhere I can run long distances safely in the evening near my home. So there had to be some daylight…. Read more

(Member blog post) Berlin marathon

Dearest Clapham Runners,

Here is my report from Berlin marathon that I managed to complete last Sunday.

This was a race I genuinly did not expect to finish as I was feeling really unwell in my last couple of long runs. I would have pulled out if it hadn’t been for a non-refundable hotel booking…No choice then but to give it a shot and see how far I could get.

David and I arrived in Berlin late Friday night and went around the city on a beautiful Saturday morning, giggling at all runners dressed already in full running gear going around Berlin in excitement and anticipation.We had a lovely lunch by the river and off we went to pick up my number. Read more

(Member blog post) Athens Marathon 13th November 2011

It’s now a week and a day since I ran my second Athens Marathon and here are my thoughts and memories, a recap of what happened in the built up to the race as well as during it.

I did all my long runs, I ticked all the boxes but by Monday night on the week of the marathon I got hit by the dreaded sore throat that by Wednesday had developed into a full blown cold. I was frustrated and sad and could not picture myself taking part in this beautiful event. What a shame… Read more